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4 tips on how to Covid-proof your home



Covid-19 has changed our world and the way we do things, possibly forever. Parents are now not travelling to work in an office and children are doing their schooling from home. This means more people in the home environment than ever before. The amount of human traffic in the house has therefore increased exponentially. More people in one place more often equals more germs and a greater possibility of infection.

As you go about your usual daily routine of cleaning benchtops, bathrooms and clothes, you may be asking yourselves a few things. Is what you’re doing enough? Do you need to increase the time you spend on cleaning, at the expense of other activities? How will you be able to fit your work in?

As well as the extra time factor, you may be worried about more serious issues, such as how well is your family protected from Covid-19 and what can you do to minimise the risk of contracting the virus.

You’ll be relieved to know that you won’t need to spend hours using a sand blaster to scrub your house from top to bottom. You only to add a few extra activities onto your existing cleaning routine will ensure that you and your loved ones will remain safe and healthy.

1 Daily clean all surfaces

Continue cleaning the things you usually clean – tables and bench tops, walls, showers, basins and toilets. Now, reach a little further to include cleaning the light switches, power points, doorknobs, handles, desks, cabinets, bookshelves and furniture, basically anything in your home that can be touched. Remember too that small children will put out their hands on the same items as you, but lower down.

Be sure also to clean other items that are frequently touched, such as remote controls, phones, computer monitors and keyboards, game consoles, laptops and tablets.

2 Clean effectively

In normal circumstances, passing a wet, clean cloth over dirty surfaces is enough to keep your home clean and hygenic. However, protecting against Covid-19 involves more than a simple wipe-down. First, if the surface is visibly dirty, clean it thoroughly with soap and water or detergent. Then disinfect it with an effective cleaning solution: this could be a normal household disinfectant, a diluted household bleach or an alcohol-based solution containing at least 70% alcohol.

For the most effective result, you must leave the surface wet for a few minutes before drying it off. The killer-virus agent in the cleaning solution needs time to do its work. Most cleaning solutions will have a time limit on the bottle. If you wipe it off before the time set, the disinfecting process won’t be as efficient.

3 Laundry wash

Any item that can be laundered in a washing machine should be. Don’t just think clothes, sheets, and towels but also remember to throw in rugs, mats and pillows into your washing machine. They should be washed in the warmest water setting and dried thoroughly. Read the label on the item first to see what the appropriate warm water setting is.

If someone in your family is sick, wear disposable gloves when handling all items and disinfect your clothes hampers, or line it with a disposable liner.

4 Seek advice

Clean My Crib is available across Australia for all domestic cleans. All our cleaning teams practise Covid-safe measures and we clean with environmentally friendly products that are safe for people with allergies, children and pets.

We are available 7 days a week, 8 am–7 pm, and will be more than happy to give you advice on how to keep your home clean and keep your family safe from Covid-19.

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