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Learn how to keep your workplace Covid-safe



Most businesspeople and employees don’t spend a lot of time thinking too much about the state of hygiene in their workplaces, except perhaps when they go into the kitchen area for a cuppa and see a pile of yesterday’s dishes and mugs still in the sink. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, most businesses have closed their premises and their employees work from home, so cleanliness in the workplace isn’t an issue anymore.

However, there are a number of businesses still open. We still need to go to the doctor and the chemists, we continue to buy food from the supermarkets, and we’re really thankful that when we’re bored with cooking, we can nick down to our local takeaway fish and chip shop. While we are enjoying their services, their employees may be more anxious than usual about how clean their workspace really is.

Clean my Crib delivers a 5-star rated cleaning service for all types of workspaces but you can also contribute a minimum amount of effort to maintain maximum protection.

Here are some tips for keeping your workplace Covid-safe.

Personal hygiene

The danger of spreading the virus has made us more conscious of hygiene standards. This is a good thing, as it will develop habits that will (hopefully!) remain after we are allowed to meet more frequently.

In the meantime, employers can implement a few simple measures to maintain hygiene in their workplaces and reassure their staff. The first thing that a workplace can offer to all who work there is a supply of alcohol-based hand sanitisers and education on how to use them effectively. A single squirt and a short dab over the back of the hands just isn’t enough. You can have the hygiene instructions laminated so they are washable, and put them up above the sanitising station explaining that twenty seconds of rubbing all parts of each hand and between each finger gets the best result.

People should also be encouraged not to touch their faces, noses, hair and other exposed body parts. Coughs and sneezes should be done in a tissue, or into an elbow or sleeve. These suggestions can be posted in bathrooms, corridors, kitchens, lifts and anywhere employees congregate, in a friendly way so they don’t sound dictatorial!

Office hygiene

Clean My Crib offers a superior office clean, no matter what the size of the premises is. When we enter a workplace, we check things that employees and office managers don’t even think about.

Here’s a fun fact – do you know what the dirtiest space in an office is? The computer keyboard! Think of how often it is touched. That fact also applies to monitors, chairs and desks as well. And what about the light switches and doorknobs?

Move out of an individual workspace and go into the kitchen. Here, there are shelves, rubbish bins, windows, seats, a table or two, a microwave, fridges, sinks, taps and more light switches and doorknobs. Don’t forget the breakout and conference rooms, water coolers, bathrooms, lifts, staircases…the list goes on. Lots of things to clean!

Encourage all employees to wipe clean frequently touched areas in their particular workspaces with disposable wipes before each use. Also, twice a day, clean other surfaces, using the above list as a template. Why not assign teams to each area to lighten the load? You could make it a fun activity or a competition to keep up staff morale.

Contact clean My Crib for tips on the best recommended products to use. Better still, if Covid restrictions allow, why not give us a call to take the load off your office cleaning and allow us to deliver our superior office cleaning service?

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